• SunVote voting system applied to the 4th session of the 14th people's Congress of Baoding City
    On February 22, Baoding City, Hebei Province,the 14th peoples Congress of the 4th meeting concluded successfully , this is a successful application of the SunVote voting machine E10 in the National Peoples Congress . Just a small voting machine can meet t
  • SunVote voting machines appeared at the scene of the assembly hall
    Recently, SunVote wireless electronic voting machines have appeared at the scene of the assembly hall, electronic voting replace the previous show of hands to promote democracy and standardization of the election. SunVote products are widely used in many
  • Science and technology to lead a small step, a big step in the democratic process
    In January 22, 2016, Yuyao,Zhejiang Province,the 5th meeting of the 16th peoples Congress officially came to an end,this is the first time in Zhejiang province counties of the NPC and CPPCC Congress to enable SunVote wireless electronic voting system, and
  • SunVote interview score system help Changsha Furong district public election Succeeded
    In the process of Furong district public election of community party organization in 2016 Changsha City, judges handheld wireless electronic scoring device G20 to promote the success of the election. 27 post candidates, 59 professional judges, 30 seconds
  • The 1st Changsha "Top 10 Most Influential People In Legal Education" was announced!
    Changshas first "Top 10 Most Influential People In Legal Education" were selected using SunVote Wireless Electronic Voting System. From judge reviews to audience reviews, the whole event ran smoothly with the help of SunVote !
  • The 19th Yunnan Philosophical and Social Science Research Excellence Award
    SunVote Wireless Electronic Voting System was a great help to promote the scientific, electronic and information oriented management and assessment of our award. It improves the classification, storage and query of our archival management system, reduces
  • The 2th Credit Investigation Competition of Huarong Xiangjiang Bank, a great success!
    24No matter how complicated the competition procedures are, theres nothing SunVote Response System cant handle! Quick response, voting, polling, rating... Its so amazing. We cant thank SunVote enough!
  • On-site survey at the Wolfpack Response Entrepreneur Conference
    SunVote helps overseas entrepreneurs develop the Response System market in China. The first entrepreneur conference ran smoothly. The entrepreneurs are passionate and full of dreams. Thanks to SunVote, we learnt a lot about their worries and ideas in the
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