• how much do student response systems cost?
    When therestriction of traditional education forms on students creative thinkingability has become more and more obvious, the educators urgently need to guidestudents education from "passive acceptance" to "activeexploration". Nowadays,…
  • classroom audience response system makes learning more exciting and fun!
    With the development of educationinformatization, the traditional teaching method has been questioned, more andmore schools introduced smart teaching tools or equipment to create aninteractive classroom environment. However, due to the limitations of funds…
  • Interactive Student Response System - The Magic Tool for Peer-to-peer Teaching
    Nowadays, it is an inevitable trend to equip a Student Response System as a teachers teaching tool in the classrooms of major colleges and universities. This is especially the case when interactive whiteboards, short-throw projection screens, touch-screen
  • Student Clickers for Classroom Test & Stage Exam, Help Teachers Solve the Problem of Grading Papers
    Reviewing the previous examination methods : From a pen, a test paper, a group of students bending over the desk and writing , the teacher collects test papers for manual correction, to an answer sheet , a scoring machine, students fill scantron, scoring
  • How do interactive response systems support teachers use teaching method effectively in classroom?
    Interactive classroom response techniques can be traced back to 1960s, with dates dating back as early as 1970, when wired systems were used to generate feedback data. In 1996, Rice University first used wireless response clickers. By 2005, Harvards Agile
  • Student Response System Helps Improve Marking Efficiency!
    Quizzes, tests, and examinations are one of the most commonand important means for teachers to check the teaching effect, and it is alsoan important way for teachers to control and adjust teaching activities.However, when itcomes to exams and quizzes, the…
  • What can you do with student response system?
    Attendance: The student response system can be usedsimply to take attendance. Students use the classroom clicker to sign inelectronically, and the attendance data is immediately obtained to helpteachers quickly locate students who are absent or truant and …
  • What benefits does the classroom response system bring to teaching?
    Make classroom teaching more interesting“Classroom teaching is the key channel for students to acquire knowledge, and the traditional teaching mode is relatively simple, it is difficult to mobilize students enthusiasm for learning, and the teaching effect…
  • How to play the role of the student response system in class?
    As a new interactive teaching mode, the student responsesystem is very popular with many teachers and students, since it makes theclass more interesting and helps teachers to reduce a lot of tedious marking work. How to play the role of the student respons…
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