• What benefits does the classroom response system bring to teaching?
    Make classroom teaching more interesting“Classroom teaching is the key channel for students to acquire knowledge, and the traditional teaching mode is relatively simple, it is difficult to mobilize students enthusiasm for learning, and the teaching effect…
  • How to play the role of the student response system in class?
    As a new interactive teaching mode, the student responsesystem is very popular with many teachers and students, since it makes theclass more interesting and helps teachers to reduce a lot of tedious marking work. How to play the role of the student respons…
  • Classroom Clickers- A Simple and Effective Student Assement Tool
    Student response system emerged as an easy and low-cost teaching tool,which frees the teacher from the heavy work of scoring papers, help teachers reduce 60% workload. What’s more, Teachers can instantly and easily obtain students’ performance, then they could adjust teaching progress in time and push the teaching to the right level.
  • Clicker Classroom Response System Improves Student Engagement, Attention and Learning Outcome!
    With the development of science and technology and the informatization of education, more and more electronic teaching equipment has entered k12 classrooms to help create smart interactive classrooms.As a popular teaching tool due to its advantages of good…
  • SunVote wireless student response system Helps Every Student Express Their Real Voice
    ChallengeEstablished in 1965, Cruzeiro do Sul Educational with 54 years history is the largest university education group in Brazil. Jone is a math teacher at Cruzeiro do Sul Educational, the largest university education group in Brazil with 54 years of hi…
  • How to improve learning outcomes with student response system
    With the outbreak and fast spread of the covid-19 epidemic, most schools inIndia have closed, students learning at home has become a normal trend. This isalso a realistic choice for effectively preventing and controlling the epidemicand jointly maintaining…
  • Get the best Student Response Systems which suits your Interactive Classroom!
    SunVote LTD., from China, the Original Manufacturer of Student Clicker, and you can get the best Student Response Systems which suits your Interactive Classroom from SunVote.SunVote Student Clicker, which is used in the classroom to help the teacher get i
  • SunVote student response clickers is a great engagement tool during class
    Student response systems are instructional technologies that allow teachers to rapidly collect and analyze Student Responses to questions posed during class. SunVote response systems are typically used in the following manner. First, teacher poses a que
  • Application of Class Interactive Teaching System in Military Theory Course of Hunan University
    In Hunan University military theory classroom, students have a small green tool in hands. This tool can not only help fast roll call, but can also have an interactive response with teachers. Let’s have an experience on its role in class. In the class, onc
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