Within 10 minutes SunVote voting pad solved 3 hour counting problem

At the end of September 2017, the Annual Shareholder Meeting of GreenStone Body in South Africa was successfully held in Johannesburg, South Africa. 250 shareholders held the SunVote voting pad and voted "yes / no / no abstain" for several resolutions according to the one-share-one-vote rule. At the same time, a new round of board members was elected.

The live voting data collection, statistics were completed in 40 seconds. Only half an hour or so, 16 rounds of voting was successfully completed; after the vote, according the data reports, auditors give the results a rapid review, confirm and publish. From the beginning to the end, the entire meeting cost less than 3 hours; and it takes 4-5 hours to get 3-5 resolutions before. The use of voting pad greatly enhanced the efficiency of the shareholder meeting.

"We used to meet in a traditional paper-like manner, like 200-300-person scale conference, just the counting will take audits several hours to check. Using SunVote's voting system, it significant savings Our time, and especially the number of shares each shareholder allocated to the corresponding voting pad, were impressed by the attendees! Due to the traceability of the data, shareholders also endorsed the reliability of the results. I think SunVote Voting pad will be the standard configuration for shareholders meeting! "SunVote recently received a thank-you letter from South Africa client Nico.

Before using the electronic voting pad, Nico's shareholder meeting usually counts the statistics after the paper voting is over, the staff members first sort out the ballot papers from different ballot boxes and then open the folded ballot papers by hand. Then the external auditors scan One by one, identify the voting results, manual sorting, statistics and check, confirm the correction, and then announced. This series of work takes about 10 people to spend 3-4 hours.

Nowadays, with SunVote voting system, the data results are automatically generated after the voting is over, saving the time for organizing and counting the paper ballots, effectively avoiding human errors and omissions, auditing and verifying, and only takes a few minutes to view the history of the voting system records, you can quickly verify, greatly improving efficiency; and, SunVote voting pad with information storage capabilities, if the shareholders questioned the voting results, you can also apply to check and comparison the records in voting pad and also computer data.

20 years of experience in R & D, design, and production management of electronic voting pads, SunVote constantly explores the application requirements of innovative industries and adheres to the concept of reliable, easy-to-use, secure and efficient product design. Based on the rules and requirements of the shareholder meeting, board of directors’ meetings, A series of product solutions have been developed to provide shareholder meeting solutions in different country with convenient tools for quick identification of shareholders, quick statistical polling results and rapid verification of voting reliability, and also continuously improved product application experience and service quality.

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