Why electronic voting keypads can get the favor of multinational corporations?

Many multinational corporations have business in nearly 100 countries around the world, with millions of employees or marketing partners, regional annual meetings and product launches held regularly by enterprises. The scale is from hundreds to thousands of people. Such large-scale on-site meetings, in what way can the efficient and reliable "live data" of live audience response? As a result, electronic voting keypads, which we call audience response system, have also been born.

We all know the development of modern science and technology, and we can get real-time data by using the smart phone voting solution. If so, why should a company still need a special meeting voting keypads?

First of all, not all conference venues can provide wireless network devices that can meet the needs of thousands of people online and send data at the same time. If the conference site has bad voting feedback due to the collapse of WiFi, then the meeting is " awkward voting".

Then, some people may ask, is not it possible to use the phone's 4G network? Ok! To know multinational corporations meeting, the participants may not come from a same district, but different countries. Multinational Internet ...it means roaming fee is required! And many meetings held in beautiful places, often means that there is only splendid vision, no 4G. Which is also let you concentrate on the meeting and not play the phone.

Finally, employees or marketing partners come together for corporate meetings, of course, to do some field surveys, obtain real and effective feedback data for future business management analysis, and the benefits of using electronic voting keypad is: Distributed randomly, no need to visit the voting site account, a complete anonymous vote, the site feedback is more realistic, objective and effective.

As the only electronic voting pads manufacturer in Hunan Province in China integrated R & D, design and manufacturing , [SunVote Limited] promote its 20 years on-site audience voting experience to the world, in various countries in various types of academic conferences, industry forums, business annual meeting Which provided a convenient tool for meeting organizers to quickly collect audience feedback and quickly count attendees' voting results, so that modern science and technology could regulate the flow of meetings and make the meeting organizations improve their efficiency and reach the meeting's goals.

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