SunVote audience response system escort 2016 Huawei Vientiane broadband forum

On November 30, 2016,Huawei Vientiane broadband forum was held in Laos.As a leader in the electronic voting industry, SunVote provides audience reponse system for the forum, and arrange technical personnel to provide technical service, fully escorted for the conference to promote the forum to end successfully.100 participants voted on-site with votig machine M52Li ,and collected all the voting results within 30 seconds and real showed it ,which proved once again that the SunVote audience response system is stable, reliable, convenient and quick! After the end of the forum, the customer gave a high degree of recognition and evaluation of SunVote products and services. SunVote will continue to innovate to meet customers demand as always and provide customers with more quality products and services.

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