SunVote electronic voting system debut shareholders meeting, saving meeting time and effort!

"The previous shareholders meeting, hundreds of shareholders spent most of the time to sign up, and spent a lot of time counting ballots by hand, resulting in excessive fatigue, so that can not concentrate on work .From the shareholders sign up for registration to the vote, and then to the results statistics and announcements, the whole time not only consumes time and labor, but also greatly reduces the efficiency of the meeting. The way of counting ballots by hand also prone to statistical errors, shareholders’ rights and interests are not guaranteed. " 

For the difficulties in the shareholders' meeting process, the organizers of Huainan Minsheng Real Estate Co., Ltd. have strong feelings, because it was a headache for him before using SunVote voting keypad. On July 25, 2017, Huainan Minsheng Real Estate Co., Ltd. held a "special" creditor meeting, but the special thing is not the content of the meeting, but a voting keypad similar to the keypad.

The voting keypad has three major functions: 

1. sign in management: adopt electronic sign in technology , achieve shareholder documents, Voter unique code and Shareholders Information database quick matching, improve check-in efficiency and ensure the on-site voting compliance is legal and effective. 

2.Scene vote: support three key vote, split vote , proxy vote and weighted vote, rich voting form to meet the needs of various scene vote. 

3. Statistical reports: the system automatically statistics voting data, real-time output voting results and accurate statistical reports, including check-in statements, name statements, motion statements and voting details to inspect data. 

In addition, the voting pad also has many advantages, not only lightweight and portable, easy to maintain and distribute, and the system is completely free from site constraints, any meeting occasions are applicable. Equipment operation is also very simple, no professionals, ten minutes to get started. In Huainan Minsheng Real Estate Co., Ltd.’ first creditors meeting, SunVote wireless electronic voting system were used reasonably, more than 500 creditors signed In by electron, and completed the identification in a short period of time, greatly saving the check-in time. Using the electronic voting system to vote, all the voting data was received about 30 seconds and the voting results immediately display on the big screen. 
It is fast, reliable, accurate and effective to avoid manual errors and protect the interests of shareholders. After the meeting, notaries print statistical reports, and check data to ensure that the data is accurate. "SunVote wireless electronic voting system replaces all the fussy manual and paper work, greatly reducing the cost of the meeting. The system were running well in the entire process of the meeting and there is no abnormal situation, high-quality products and professional services ensure the success of meeting. " the organizers give a high evaluation for SunVote voting system after the meeting.

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