In addition to basic hardware such as student clickers and receivers, we also provide complete SunVote secondary development kit and development support services for independent developers and system integrators, which is convenient for developers to integrate SunVote hardware products with upper-layer applications, quickly respond to customers’ needs and build differentiated and innovative solutions.

Our software development kit supports the full range of SunVote student clickers and receivers as well as provides API-level function call interfaces and protocols. The interface has no UI, suitable for the majority of development users. The function interface is simple, by just a few simple function calls, you can realize the management of student response system, transmission and receipt of voting orders and data. and achieve the seamless connection between the SunVote student response system and your self-developed application software and platform.

Our system supports five development platforms (iOS\Android\ MAC\WIN) and development languages (JAVA\ Delphi\ C++\ C#\VB), suitable for B/S or C/S software architecture, which can be compatible with the full range of SunVote products with only one development. In addition, we also provide you with case demos, using documents, testing tools and other development help, so that your development is worry-free.

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