NAACP Used SunVote Wiereless Electronic Voting System

Every year, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) holds a business meeting during its annual convention, where representatives from each state can vote on matters related to the organization. For the first time in its 113-year history, the NAACP chose to forgo voice and paper meetings and opted for the reliable wireless electronic voting system provided by SunVote to facilitate efficient and smooth conferences.

To make voting more accurate, reliable, and secure, we provided each representative participating in the conference with a portable voting keypad. Representatives simply need to press a button to submit their responses to the activities and topics. SunVote wireless electronic voting system has received positive feedback from representatives and the management of the NAACP, enabling the association to quickly pass and advance its service plans. 

The design of the SunVote wireless electronic voting system is made to be as simple and user-friendly as possible. The voting keypad feature color-coded “Yes,” “No,” and “Abstain” buttons, allowing representatives to send their votes instantly with a single press. This innovation is most commonly utilized by labor unions, associations, spiritual organizations, charities, and business committees, where the average age of members is increasing. However, the easy-to-understand user interface of this tool suggests that voting is not an issue as long as representatives know how to press a button.

Have you encountered any communication problems in previous meetings or discussions where someone focused on your speech for an extended period? With the SunVote wireless electronic voting system at the beginning of the meeting, presenters can quickly prepare some open-ended questions to investigate the attendees’ viewpoints or select topics. The audience interacts with the speakers in real-time using the voting keypads, ensuring everyone is fully engaged in the conference. Throughout the meeting, presenters can pose questions, capture audience feedback, and promptly assess the team’s responses to facilitate discussions and reach agreements.

The advantages of SunVote wireless electronic voting system are as following:  

Create interactive polling slides quickly with the MS PowerPoint plugin software application.
Various feedback types are available, including multiple-choice, true/false, scoring, numerical, and list elections.

Multiple applications for market research, employee training, seminars, brainstorming, annual conferences, group voting, and more.

For the NAACP, it holds significant value, so they chose a system completely isolated from networks to prevent any threats of outdoor interference. Additionally, internet-based systems relying on mobile networks, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth often encounter periodic signal difficulties and network congestion, seriously affecting integrity. The selection of the SunVote wireless electronic voting system is due to its utilization of a closed-loop RF communication network and unique protocols. The signal strength is limited to the voting venue, and SunVote’s self-developed wireless communication protocol prevents adjacent risks.

The NAACP also needs to make final adjustments to its schedule, make instant resolutions, and modifications. With the SunVote wireless electronic voting system software, all changes can be quickly and efficiently recorded. Once the chairman calls for a vote on the target market, the secure screen is filled and, after closing, we immediately announce the vote results as passed or failed.

For more than 20 years, SunVote has established close cooperation with dozens of Fortune Global 500 companies, successfully helping them increase audience participation, collecting honest feedback, improving interaction, simplifying the voting process, shortening the conference process, and improving efficiency of deliberations and decision making. SunVote is also pleased to provide you satisfied solutions & service!

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