SunVote Interactive Voting System Increase Audience Motivation and Engagement for Your Quiz Contests

On March 23, 2023, the Party's 20th National Congress Spirit "Study, Propaganda and Practice" Knowledge Contest held by the Huaihua Railway Cultural Palace ended successfully.

A total of 200 participants were divided into 10 teams for this competition. Every person had a handheld voting clicker that can be used to answer more than 100 questions. During the competition, the scores of each group were chasing after each other, showing a solid knowledge base and full mental outlook have created a positive and good atmosphere of "promoting learning through competition". After the intense and fierce competition, Zhangjiajie Depot, Huaihua Electric Depot, Huaihua Business Depot, Huaihua Apartment Duan, Huaihua Vehicle Section, and Zhangjiajie Public Works Section finally and respectively won the top six in the competition.

Different from previous competitions, this event uses SunVote interactive voting system, which is more novel and innovative, allowing the competition to be held in an interactive and passionate atmosphere! Greatly improved the efficiency and effect of the event. This is the first time that the Huaihua Railway Cultural Palace has used the system.

As early as a month ago, the Huaihua Railway Cultural Palace began intensive preparations, from the selection of topics to the on-site demonstration of the interactive voting system, debugging, event announcement and on-site arrangement, to ensure that the event is foolproof. During the whole competition, SunVote interactive voting system ran stably and smoothly, the feedback data are 100% collected within 1minutes. In addition, the data statistics were fast and accurate, and the score ranking was presented in real time on the spot, making the competition more interactive, efficient and fair! the professional technical support from SunVote provided on-site service to make the event successful.

The organizer was very satisfied with this experience of SunVote interactive voting system and showed his views and opinions:

 "SunVote interactive voting system is interactive, efficient and convenient!    the wireless voting clicker was used to answer questions, which made the whole competition tense and intense, which greatly mobilized the atmosphere of the event and fully engage the participants so that the competition can be carried out smoothly and orderly.” 

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