How Does Audience Response System Improve Employee Engagement Surveys?

Application Scenario: Employee Engagement Survey

Participants : 20 participants

Meeting time: 2023

Place: South Africa

"Traditional employee engagement surveys often required printing out and distributing some questionnaires to the employees, and letting them fill out the questionnaires and then another worker typing all these responses into a computer. This process of manually counting voting data could be tedious, lengthy and error-prone. Completing a report with statistical results can take days to complete.”

Peter, the manager of the company and the organizer of the employee survey decided to find a tool to solve the problem of inefficient data statistics. After comparing multiple solutions, he finally chose SunVote audience response system, which is a real-time polling solution that allows the attendees to answer questions and immediately collect their answers using a personal voting keypad. Its software is an add-in of PowerPoint, which is easy to learn and use and can easily create questionnaires, all questions can be edited directly in PowerPoint, and the results are displayed immediately in the form of charts (bar chart or pie chart), making the meeting more interactive and efficient!

How does SunVote audience response system improve the employee engagement survey?

Before the meeting, the presenter can quickly create polling questions and participants list into his presentation through PowerPoint plug-in software. There is no need to print questionnaires, saving more manpower and time costs than paper voting.

During the meeting, the presenter plays the slideshow and starts polling, then attendees can use their handheld voting keypads to answer the question. Anonymous voting helps gather candid and honest insights and opinions from employees when reviewing the most sensitive of subject matters. At the same time, through the audience polling system, employees are encouraged to actively participate in surveys, which improves the interaction between the presenter and employees.


When voting is stopped, multi-dimensional data results and analysis reports can be instantly generated and  displayed on the screen in intuitive charts and shared on the site to help foster new ideas and consensus and also help business managers to make scientific and efficient decisions. SunVote audience response system reduces the cost, time and onsite staff required to collect, calculate and present survey results and ensures the authenticity and correctness of the results.


After the meeting, all data reports can be stored or exported in Excel or PDF format, which is convenient for the organizer to conduct subsequent data analysis on major changes.

After using SunVote audience response system, peter gave his opinion:

"Compared with traditional employee surveys, the survey with SunVote audience polling system has obvious advantages. There is no need to print, distribute and collect questionnaires, and there is no need to do complicated registration and laboriously invite employees to participate in online surveys like online surveys, that is, allowing all participants to provide anonymous feedback with instant verification helps increase attendee engagement and helps generate more honest and valid survey feedback than other survey methods 

If you are looking for the most reliable, efficient and easy-to-use audience response system for occasional quizzes or surveys or a system that can be used with 100 or even thousands of participants and get detailed and varied data analysis reports, then SunVote is your best choice. "

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