SumVote interactive voting system- a simple and reliable on-site voting solution

SunVote interactive voting system supports real-time voting on site, providing more convenient, fair, intelligent and economical voting solutions for various conferences and events.

1.Easy Preparation and operation

Since SunVote interactive voting systemsoftware is 100% integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint, the presenter can easily prepare voting slides before the meeting or event, and freely start voting with voting software, while the participants can submit their votes directly with handheld voting keypads. SunVote interactive voting systemis easy to set up and configure, with no Wi-Fi required, and suitable for any scale of events with dozens to thousands of participants and any venue from a single room to multiple rooms. Simple, accessible user interfaces make it easier for administrators or system operators to learn and use.

2. Collect honest and real feedback

Using SunVote audience response system, you can choose onymous or anonymous polling according to the actual requirements of your meetings or events. With special voting equipment and special confidentiality mode, a participant can only vote once without any misgiving and concerns, so as to the voting data cannot be tampered with, which eliminates the possibility of covert operation and makes the voting results more real and valuable. 

3. Instant results and reports

In the past, when a meeting of 200-300 people was held, it would take several hours to count the votes and export reports. With SunVote audience response system, the voting results and multi-dimensional analysis reports can be automatically generated and presented quickly on site, which saves time for collecting and counting votes and effectively avoid manual mistakes. Audit verification can also be carried out quickly by taking only a few minutes to check the voting history of the audience response system, which greatly improves the efficiency of the meeting or event.

Nowadays, SunVote interactive voting systemsolves the shortcomings of paper voting and online voting and promotes corporates or other organizations to make correct decisions.

Up to now, SunVote interactive voting systemhas been trusted in more than 100 countries around the world, covering Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa and Oceania. Customers include governments, Fortune 500 companies, education industry, financial institutions, non-profit organizations, etc.

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