Three Main Advantages of SunVote Wireless Voting System for Big Event

SunVote wireless voting system(also called interactive voting system or interactive response system)is a tool that combines wireless hardware and presentation software, which allows audience to answer questions by pressing a key on their handheld voting keypad. It supports generating a variety of responses from participants, which can help you gather the real and instant response and reports on specific questions and topics, so that you and your team can analyze during or after the conference. SunVote wireless voting system encourage the participants to actively join in the discussion by creating an interactive environment, maximize the efficiency of the conference.

Support up to 8 rooms for voting at the same time

Sometimes, we need to participate in the meeting and vote in multiple rooms at the same time to keep a safe social distance.  So how do aggregate the voting results of multiple rooms and display them on the big screen in each room in real time?  SunVote wireless voting system can do it!

you can install a receiver in each room and collect votes from "behind the wall" or "around the corner", then interactive voting software will automatically aggregate and count votes of every room through, generate real-time and complete voting results and reports and project them for everyone to see.

Support voting up to 5000 participants in a single room

To organize a large-scale conference or event with more than 1,000 people, in addition to equipment configuration, personnel organization, on-site participation, voting data collection and other issues, the organizer will also worry about signal transmission distance, data collection rate, and data accuracy. Any mistakes in any department may have a great negative impact.

SunVote wireless voting system has been used in many thousand-person conferences with 1000-3500 participants, and has rich experience in conference services, including sales managers’ annual meeting, Anniversary Annual Party, Annual General Meeting, General Assembly, International Congress, Quiz Game, Condominium Meetings. etc.

SunVote wireless voting system can support conference for voting up to 5000 participants. With the independent communication protocol of SunVote, two-way data verification and multi-level error correction mechanism and encrypted transmission, the voting data of 2,000 participants can be 100% collected reliably and accurately within 30 seconds, the overall and individual reports can be displayed in real time, saving 40%-70% less costs and 50%-90% less time compared to voting on paper and maximizing the efficiency of the conference. In addition, the system communication distance is 30 meters, and the conference room within 1000 square meters can be easily used.