What Can You Do with An Audience Response System ?

Staff training & CMEs

The audience response system can be used for all kinds of training assessment, such as Sales Training, Pre-job or On-job Training, Safety Training, CME/ Medical Training, etc. 

The audience response system allows the trainer to ask prepared questions or add questions on the fly, Trainees answer the questions with voting clickers. The trainer can compare the results without waiting. It creates relaxed training and learning atmosphere via interactive response, to fully engage trainees, turn passive learning to active learning, and increase trainees’ knowledge retention. With the instant results and reports, the trainer also can monitor how well the students understand what they are taught and adjust the teaching schedule timely, 

With an audience response system, you can,

  • Attract trainees' attention, strengthen knowledge memory and retention
  • Immediately assess trainees’ understanding 
  • Improve interaction level and expand trainees’ participation
  • Instantly and effectively track and measure training impact