Why choose voting keypads rather than tablets for city council meetings?

Application Scenario: voting and election in city council meetings

Meeting Title: city council meeting in legislative sessions in Brazil
Participants & frequency: 13 participants, twice a week
Meeting time: Dec 5th, 2021

In Brazil,  the City Council is the body responsible for the exercise of Legislative Power, in which the City Councilors meet, in accordance with the Organic Law of the Municipality, to promote the drafting of laws and carry out control of the local Administration, mainly regarding acts and accounts. Each municipal holds sessions twice a week, to vote on projects of interest to the municipality.


“Before introducing SunVote wireless electronic voting system, we were used to voting for City Council meetings by using tablets with WIFI connections. This has extremely high requirements on the WIFI network. All participants must be connected to the internet at the same time and use the voting application. The stability of the communication of the voting system completely depends on the network environment, and the stability of the communication directly affects whether the votes can be collected reliably and the speed of the collection time. When multiple people vote on a certain resolution at the same time, network crashes and freezes are common phenomena, which directly affect the progress of voting and the agenda of the meeting. Besides, for older councilors, using a tablet with to vote increases the complexity of the operation and is prone to misoperation due to it being a multi-function device rather than professional voting equipment. What’s more, as an extremely personal device, the tablet is not easy to manage and maintain uniformly. many participants hate keeping engaged in other activities that may hamper the reading of messages. We were looking for a simple and stable wireless electronic voting system to solve these problems.”

“After a detailed comparison of several electronic voting system solution providers, I finally chose SunVote wireless electronic voting system. It finally turns out that it is indeed what we need, not only completely eliminating the various disadvantages of using a tablet, but also fully compliant with our meeting procedures, helping to streamline our city council meeting process and improve efficiency. SunVote electronic voting system is simple and economic voting equipment.”

“SunVote wireless electronic voting system is really amazing, there were a total of 13 members in our city council meeting. The voting data was completely collected within 5 seconds, and the voting results were displayed on the big screen in real time. the electronic voting system was running well and very stable.”

The whole set of SunVote wireless electronic voting system consists of voting keypads, receiver, electronic voting for city council software and a charging box. the system supports electronic sign-in, resolution voting (yes/ no/ abstain), candidate election (support selecting max. 80 candidates out of 200) and support reports export.

Compared with tablet, SunVote voting keypads have several advantages as below: 

1.Keypad voting system is more reliable and safer

The keypad voting system doesn’t need to connect to the WIFI, wireless installation and deployment, are suitable anywhere. 2.4G RF technology, closed network and two-way communication technology ensure the voting and election is quite reliable and safe. Unlike tablet data or unreliable wi-fi connections, you never have to worry about the voting keypad’s wireless reception.

2.Keypad voting system is more intuitive and easier to use

There are higher requirements for delegates when they cast their votes with tablets, it is prone to mis operate for delegates. However, the voting keypad with 3-color indicator, big LCD with backlight, voting status vibration, user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use, suitable for different aged councilors,  what’s more, the councilors are focused on the meeting since there are no distractions.

3.Keypad voting system is easier to manage 

The tablet can be kept as a personal device, and the management is uncontrollable, While the voting keypad is a voting-only device that can be only used for the council meetings and can be stored in a charging box after the meeting, and the management is more standardized.


“We have already started work on the first project of the municipality, I would like to point out that SunVote wireless electronic voting system fits perfectly with the Chamber's agendum and is being a success, councilors have no difficulty using the terminals and it is excellent. ”

SunVote wireless electronic voting system is developed and designed with reference to the "Local Autonomy Law"/"Regulations on Local Government Autonomy" of various countries, it meets the requirements of the different legal rules of the local self-government, without breaking the existing meeting process. Till now, except Brazil, SunVote electronic voting system solution has been successfully used in 70% of Provincial Congress in China and over 50% of city councils in Poland, and it also has been used in many countries in Europe, like Ukraine, Czech and Bosna i Hercegovina. 

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