Why choose sunvote audience response system for international conferences with thousands of people

The International Congress on cybersecurity was grandly held at the Moscow World Trade Center on June 20-21, 2019. The agenda of the Congress was devoted to the discussion of new threats to the digital world and key areas of global development in the field of cybersecurity. The Congress program included seven discussion panels and nine technical sessions, which hosted more than 40 speakers. About 30 leading international and Russian companies presented their stands at the Congress. SunVote audience response system played a key technical support role and work well during the entire conference, helping the organizers to get the real views and opinions from the audience on site and quickly obtain instant voting results and analysis reports. There are 1200 audience participants in the voting, and the conference led to several important conclusions:

1. the losses of the world economy and Russia from cybercrime are unprecedented and continue to grow steadily.
2. cybersecurity lags by 2–5 years from the development of technology.
3. there is an acute shortage of qualified specialists in the field of cybersecurity.
4. cybercriminals feel unpunished.
5. To fight cybercrime successfully, effective international cooperation must be developed.

With the development of science and technology and information technology, the traditional voting method of raising hands or paper voting can no longer meet the requirements of fast-paced, efficient and automated modern meetings. Especially as a highly influential international conference, the participants come from all over the world. It is not easy for all participants to gather together. How can we avoid dull meetings, where the host is talking on the stage, and the audience is dozing off, playing with mobile phones, deserting, chatting, etc., and make full use of the limited meeting time to make scientific and effective decisions according to the audience feedback data?

Audience voting system effectively solves these problems. Through SunVote interactive voting software seamlessly integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint, the lecturer can poll a group of interactive questions during the meeting and asks the audience to answer questions with voting keypads, to attract their attention and make them actively participate in the meeting. There is no need to print paper questionnaires.  The audience voting system automatically collects and counts all votes and displays voting results and analysis reports on the large screen of the venue in real time, saving the cost of manually collecting and counting votes, and greatly shortening the time for waiting for the voting results. When it talks about some sensitive issues, the anonymous voting function of the audience response system allows the audience to express their views and opinions without any scruples, which ensures that the voting results are true and objective.

For such a meeting with thousands of participants, how does SunVote audience response system ensure the smooth progress of the meeting? In fact, as early as 2018, SunVote provided wireless voting system and technical support for the annual general meeting of 3500 participants in Brazil. With stable and reliable products and professional services, SunVote has been well recognized by customers.

SunVote Audience Response System has the following technical advantages over the current popular smartphone voting:

1.Easy to install and operate

A set of SunVote wireless audience response system usually consists of voting keypad, receiver, interactive voting software and charging box/carry bag.  It has no network and wiring required, plug and play, suitable for anywhere. The exclusive equipment bag or charging box is convenient for daily storage and maintenance. As a voting-only device, the voting keypad is also simpler and easier to operate. The mobile phone voting not only requires a stable and good network environment to be deployed on the site but also requires the audience to bring their own mobile phones, which increases the difficulty of device management for the organizer.

2.Realible and stable transmission 

SunVote wireless audience response system adopts 2.4G wireless communication technology and self-developed closed wireless communication protocol, two-way communication verification technology ensures that the voting data is 100% collected accurately. For a large conference with more than 1,000 participants, such as the International Congress on cybersecurity, it is not a wise move to use online voting methods such as mobile phones, because it is very difficult to provide wireless network equipment that can satisfy thousands of people to online vote at the same time. Due to the unstable wifi and 4G network, it is prone to system crashes and lost votes, which will seriously affect the progress of the meeting. However, SunVote wireless audience response system can completely avoid these problems. 1200 votes can be collected reliably within 20 seconds, which is simple, fast and efficient! Even if there is an emergency situation such as device failure during the meeting, the system can automatically detect and quickly find the faulty voting keypad and quickly replace it, which guarantees the voting data and meeting progress is not affected.

3.Secure and encrypted data
SunVote wireless audience response system does not require registering personal or company information, therefore there is no risk of privacy leakage. Besides, its communication does not rely on any network, ensuring the voting data is secure, while voting with a mobile phone, the voting data can easily be stolen, and security cannot be guaranteed. what's more, the anonymous voting function of SunVote wireless audience response system makes the opinion and views more real and objective.

As a professional wireless audience response system solution provider, SunVote has been focused on the electronic voting field for 24 years. It has provided reliable and easy-to-use voting tools for tens of millions of users in more than 100 countries around the world. SunVote audience response system has been widely used in corporate annual meetings, product roadshows, industry associations, seminars, CME, staff training and assessment, TV show and quiz game. The users involve multinational enterprises, the Fortune 500, non-profit organizations and so on. In the future, SunVote will continue providing a simple, reliable and economic audience response system and professional services of purchase, customization and secondary development for global users. 

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