Audience Voting Clickers Makes Shareholder Meetings Simple and Efficient!

Application Scenario: resolution voting in shareholders meeting
Meeting Title: Shareholder Meeting to a Wyndham Hotels
Venue: ExpoGramado- City of Gramado State Rio Grande do Sul Brasil
Participants: Expected: 250, Check in: 21
Meeting time: 5/6/2021


Shareholder meeting is an official conference with complex regulatory obligations, every resolution is closely related to every shareholder. Therefore, it can be time consuming and inefficient with complex management and heavy work. 

Says Flip, one organizer of the shareholder meeting “when shareholders provide their ID cards to register, the staffs need to hand check owners' identity and weight, then note the information on the ballot. it usually takes 2-3 hours or even longer when we register about 250 shareholders. Moreover, because of there are too many manual operations, it’s easy to make some mistakes, in some cases, proxy or weighted voting will add additional complexity. “

“Although some organizations have opted for online voting because of the covid epidemic, many insist their shareholder meetings should be held on-site, they prefer the security and reliability of a local, closed-circuit, self-contained clicker voting system to Internet-connected and cloud-based systems, which constrained by internet or Wi-Fi. When using an online voting system, network stability also affects whether the votes can be collected completely and the speed at which they are collected, and it may be more troublesome for people who are not so technically savvy to use. Audience voting clickers are a good tool for voting onsite, it communicates via encrypted 2.4G RF technology and closed wireless communication protocol, the transmission and data never leave the voting room, which greatly ensures data stability and security. Besides, clickers voting system is easy to install, wirelessly deployed, plug and play, does not change the existing environment, and is suitable for anywhere. These are critical reasons why I finally choose audience voting clickers. And SunVote provides me with cheap voting clickers and I’m very satisfied with it.”

Shorten owners’ registration process 

With audience voting clickers, you only need to build multiple registration desks, 
Every shareholder register based on unique Identity certificate, and SunVote clickers voting system will automatically correspond weight to keypad, only 2-5 seconds register an owner, you can complete registration in 30min for any scale.

“Every shareholder registered based on his or her ID, SunVote clicker voting system verify the identity of shareholders quickly and accurately, automatically bond their weights by scanning the unique code of audience voting clickers, nobody can register twice, every owner registered will get an associated powerpoint voting clicker. We completed the shareholders registration work within 20 minutes. Clickers voting system is quite fast, greatly shorten the registration process.”

Instant and accurate voting results 

Shareholders only need to submit their votes through audience voting clickers rather than write paper ballots, clickers voting system can collect all votes in one minute and show the voting results in real time, saving time and labor cost.

“When it comes to resolutions voting, owners can submit their votes with handheld audience voting clicker. As we had a few numbers of audience voting clicker, almost clicker vote less than 30 seconds after we started the voting. And we show at the big screen, the number of powerpoint voting clickers to the audience/shareholders see/confirm that they votes was collected. Those shareholders who are not present will be voted by their proxy. 250 votes were 100% collected within 10 seconds. Clickers voting system auto-counted votes and displayed the voting result in real time, which help to save much time and effort for us in manual counting, at the same time, avoid fraud data and protect shareholders' rights! “

Post-meeting detailed reports for audit

Clickers voting system automatically generates auditable and detailed reports for instant review, archiving and verification.

“One benefit of clickers voting system is that it can directly generate detailed voting reports, we can export quickly for auditing purpose. It is so convenient for us.”

User Comments:

“SunVote audience voting clicker and clickers voting system makes our shareholder meetings simple and efficient. Especially the proxy and weight voting functions, it is so amazing, we love using it.”

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