E-voting system helps "Singer 2019": Bright night, witness the song king!

All the good things need to be reflected in the ordinary; all the glory, waiting for the brave to create; just like all the music, their beauty and jealousy have never left the audience’s waiting, expecting, difficult to choose, the Voting Device in the hand is 500 on-site judges threw the olive branch to the singer. The helplessness and embarrassment of "seven years of itch" is not applicable to all things in the world. It is like the technical flow of "I am a singer", after its appearance of seventh year, still mild and pleasant to listen to as before…

It is true that the "Song of the Kings" in 2019 has already come to an end in April, although the result is what most viewers expected, the group of singers who can successfully become candidates for the King of Songs is indeed beyond everyone's imagine. This year's "Singer" seems to be purer than in previous years, and more challenging than in previous years. The Electronic Voting System produced by SunVote, in this pure and challenging, interprets the persistence of every judge in the field, and witnesses the enthusiasm of each singer for music.

Since 1998, SunVote Voting Device has been active in the domestic first-line variety show, and by 2001, it has occupied 70% of the domestic TV variety show market share. Today, the Electronic Voting System constantly updates and iteratively optimizes and upgrades. From the simple design of the design to the smooth and stable system function, it is the 21-year ingenuity and constant adherence of the SunVote team. The program has always favored the SunVote Audience Response System.

In fact, this "Singer" also gave a more detailed positioning in the setting. In the expression of the value of music, each period will give a character of eight characters, from the first qualifying "music way, the singer knows", to the last battle of the song king "singer's way, music knows", The first and last echoes also interpreted and expressed the musical attitude and value from the aspects of “singer”, “song”, “love” and “persistence”. The establishment of 500 on-site audits in each issue is also related to the shaping of the entire program. The system uses Electronic Voting Devices and paper voting to account for half of the votes. The newly introduced Audience Response System is designed to emphasize the songs to the audience at the moment, the most realistic moving scene, every Wireless Voting Keypad is full of trust and responsibility, but also interprets the SunVote Wireless Voting System positioning: reliable, easy to use and innovative!

The "Singer" of 2019 has ended perfectly. I believe that seeing such a result, the audience's mind is also full of thoughts. Listening to music, what are we being touched, is it a good melody? Is it beautiful and interesting lyrics? Of course, but not just these, there are stories, spirits and emotions that music conveys. It is a challenge for the audience to chase a variety show in seven years. For SunVote, which focuses on the Interactive Audience Response System for 21 years, it is not only the harvest but also the beginning.


Everyone is the "singer" in life, every work, are the choice of the nice Voting Keypad.

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