Student response clickers Improve the Level of Classroom Interaction

Interactive classroom refers to the interaction between teachers and students in classroom teaching, which is an important part of improving teaching efficiency and effectiveness.

However, in actual classroom teaching, achieving good classroom interaction is not an easy task, and the difficulties mainly exist in the two following aspects:

Single form of interaction, in traditional classroom teaching, the forms of interaction are relatively monotonous, usually limited to interaction between individual teachers and individual students. It is difficult to achieve multi-directional interaction and communication among teachers and student groups, student groups, and individual students.

One-sided interaction targets, In the process of teacher-student interaction, in order to successfully complete teaching tasks more smoothly, teachers often choose to interact with the top-performing students. These students have a strong foundation of knowledge and abilities and actively cooperate with teachers in classroom teaching tasks. On the other hand, struggling students, due to inadequate mastery of basic knowledge and lack of confidence, rarely participate in classroom activities. Over time, students lose their enthusiasm for participation, and some may even develop biases against teachers and lose interest in learning. 

Student response clicker, as a simple, user-friendly, and cost-effective interactive teaching tool, are widely welcomed by teachers and students. Currently, they have been widely applied in K-12 primary and secondary schools, higher education, and educational institutions. Student response clicker enable multi-directional interactions among teachers and individual students, teachers and student groups, student groups, and individual students through various interactive feedback forms such as in-class questioning, in-class quizzes, random calling, and group competitions. They attract full-class student participation in classroom activities, actively enliven the classroom atmosphere, stimulate students’ enthusiasm for learning, and promote the transition from passive to active learning. Student response clicker provide every student with the opportunity to answer questions, which promote teaching fairness.  

In addition to enhancing classroom interaction, the use of student response clicker allows teachers to have a better understanding of students’ learning situations and their understanding of knowledge, enabling timely teaching feedback and adjustments. The accumulated daily performance reports can also assist teachers in educational research and improvement, continuously enhancing teaching efficiency and effectiveness. At the same time, by using student response clicker, students can deepen the consolidation and memory of knowledge points and become aware of the learning gaps between themselves and other classmates during the process of answering questions. This helps them identify and bridge any learning deficiencies, thus improving learning outcomes. 

How to use SunVote interactive classroom response system? 

SunVote interactive classroom response system consists of student response clicker, receivers, classroom feedback software, and carry bags. It can be used with computers or whiteboard with Windows systems. The interactive classroom response system is plug and play, requiring no network connections or wiring, making it easy and quick to install and deploy. 

It usually involves the following steps:

Teacher questioning. The teacher creates questions using presentation slides or test papers. In the interactive classroom response system, the teacher selects the question type (multiple choice, true/false, etc.) and the number of answer options, and starts the classroom questioning anytime.
Student answering.  Students use their own student response clicker to enter their answers via buttons. The submitted answers will be displayed on the screens of the student response clicker.
Data analysis. SunVote interactive classroom response system automatically analyzes and statistics the students’ answer data, generating real-time results and data reports in the form of bar graphs and pie charts. The results may include answer accuracy, answer distribution percentages, the number of students choosing each answer option, and the individual performance of each student (answered correctly, answered incorrectly, or not answered), enabling teachers to assess and adjust classroom teaching in real-time.
Student response clicker breaks the traditional teaching pattern, allowing teachers to make classroom interactions more efficient without changing their existing preparation habits. SunVote has been focusing on the development and design of student response clicker for 25 years. Currently, interactive classroom response system solutions to over 100 countries and thousands of schools worldwide. With professional products and services, it has earned a good reputation among customers. 

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