Student Response System Helps Improve Marking Efficiency!

Quizzes, tests, and examinations are one of the most common and important means for teachers to check the teaching effect, and it is also an important way for teachers to control and adjust teaching activities.

However,  when it comes to exams and quizzes, the following problems still exist.

1.Low efficiency of marking papers

The traditional marking method often requires teachers to mark papers by hand, and it is inefficient, mechanical, and repetitive labor, as well as an important factor that causes teachers pressure and burden on marking papers. when a test is end, each teacher has to manually correct hundreds of test papers, plus some usual quizzes, unit exercises, etc., resulting in teachers spending too much time correcting test papers, and sometimes error-prone. The shoulder pain caused by frequent marking papers makes the physical condition of the teachers who work at the desk all year round even worse

2. Delayed feedback on students' test results

Existing methods such as manually correcting the test papers or scanning and marking instruments often cannot complete the marking and scoring of the paper on the day. There is no time for students to review and correct the learning difficulties and error-prone points in the test and practice process, resulting in leftover problems. The teacher's comments on the student's test results also have a large "lag effect", which seriously violates the step-by-step learning process, thus affecting teaching quality and effectiveness. For general consolidation exercises, chapter tests, etc., some teachers often adopt the method of announcing the answers and letting students check the answers by themselves. In this case, teachers cannot accurately know the actual answer data and the students' knowledge absorption, Understand and consolidate the situation, making it difficult to make accurate judgments and evaluations of the current teaching effect.

Can higher-intensity assessments be organized without increasing the burden on teachers and the cost?

Can the test diagnosis and commentary of the whole class be realized in one class?

Can students’ daily test data be automatically recorded for subsequent personalized teaching analysis?

Student response system - A teaching tool that can help teachers solve paper-marking problems can really do it. With the help of the student response system, teachers can initiate quizzes or exams at any time. Students use classroom clickers instead of paper answer sheets to answer questions, and the student response system automatically completes marking and scoring, answering results and performance reports can be generated in seconds, and the teacher can complete the analysis and commentary in class.

With SunVote student response system, each student's test data and various teaching analysis reports required by the teacher can be automatically generated in real-time and stored on a PC or uploaded to the cloud platform, which is convenient for the teacher to view, analyze and diagnose at any time.

SunVote student response system helps teachers easily organize daily exams and quizzes based on class or subject! Help teachers reduce the burden of marking papers by 60%, and greatly improve the efficiency of marking, and also help realize normalized teaching data collection and evaluation analysis! Assist in improving teaching effectiveness!

SunVote student response system supports quizzes of a single question type with up to 100 questions, including single-choice, multiple-choice and judgment questions. The teacher can initiate a quiz with one click, students submit their answers with student clickers, and the student response system automatically corrects each student's test paper, the correct rate of each question and the list of students who answered correctly or incorrectly are clear at a glance, which is convenient for teachers to evaluate teaching effects. It is simple, fast, and efficient!

For the examination with both subjective and objective questions,  SunVote student response system support setting up multiple electronic answer sheets for students to take the test before, during and after class, students can use the classroom clicker to answer the objective questions and input the score of subjective questions. SunVote student response system automatically summarizes and counts each student's entire test paper score and grade ranking as well as the correct answer rate of the whole class, helping teachers to instantly know the score distribution and lock high-frequency mistakes questions.

SunVote student response system can be integrated into daily classroom teaching to the greatest extent without changing teachers' original lesson preparation and teaching habits to meet the needs of smart and information-based teaching. In addition to exams and quizzes, the student response system can also be used for teaching applications such as students’ responses to on-the-fly questions, randomly picking someone to answer, or conduct group competitions or even holding classroom races. 

SunVote student response system covers all scenes before, during, and after class, and uses information technology to help teachers and schools to collect teaching and learning data, deeply mining the value of classroom data, providing visual data support for teaching quality analysis and targeted teaching, and continuously improving the quality and efficiency of education and teaching.

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