What benefits does the classroom response system bring to teaching?
Make classroom teaching more interesting
“Classroom teaching is the key channel for students to acquire knowledge, and the traditional teaching mode is relatively simple, it is difficult to mobilize students' enthusiasm for learning, and the teaching effect will naturally be greatly reduced. However, after using the classroom response system, the interaction between teachers and students in face-to-face classrooms can be increased, and the enthusiasm of students can be mobilized through various interactive games, such as instant questioning, random calling, quizzes, or group competitions, and even classroom competitions. Let students have a stronger interest in learning and make learning more effective.”
Facilitate communication between teachers and students

“The full communication and interaction between teachers and students during the class can help deepen their understanding of students' learning and push teaching to the correct level. The classroom response system can facilitate communication between students and the instructor and encourage every student to actively participate in class discussions or class activities, especially for students who are shy and reluctant to answer questions. So that teachers can instantly collect and view every students’opinions and attitudes.” 

Help teachers understand student learning

The classroom response system helps teachers immediately capture and assess students’ understanding of key course concepts. So that they can discuss the thinking that leads to correct answers, and customize their lessons for each learning group based on the feedback from question results. classroom clickers often used in compliment with strategies such as peer instruction to engage students in active learning.

How can classroom response system use in classroom teaching?
Luna, a teacher who teaches mathematics in elementary school, has a deep experience after using the SunVote classroom response system.
"Before the class, I usually arrange a group of questions and ask students to answer questions with the classroom response system, and I can make a good judgment on the students' preview situation through the instant feedback data, so as to grasp the overall direction of the class, at the same time, I can conduct a preview check and know weaknesses exposed in the students' preview in time and move on the curriculum in a targeted way.  the children become more active and serious in the preview, so as to avoid making the preview work a mere formality.”
“In class, I usually ask all students to participate in class by initiating single /multiple choice questions or true/false questions during the course of the lecture, every student submits their answers by using the classroom response system. then I can judge the student's mastery of the current course knowledge points according to the data analysis charts generated by the system in real time to determine whether to continue the course or consolidate the course appropriately. Sometimes, I initiate a class rush-answer, random roll call, or group competition to attract students' attention, mobilize students' enthusiasm for class, and activate the classroom atmosphere. The students were very excited when using the classroom clickers to answer questions, especially in the rush-answer session.”
“Near the end of the get out of class, I will further increase the difficulty of the practice and collect the student's response data through the classroom response system again, so that I can conveniently and intuitively know whether the student's learning mastery has reached the expectations. the immediacy of the classroom clicker greatly strengthens the motivation of children to study. Children know where their knowledge weaknesses are and where they haven't learned, so they have the impulse and direction to review independently. Coupled with the emergence of new inspection forms, students have a sense of freshness and are motivated students to actively listen, answer, and review.”

“SunVote classroom response system has helped to activate the classroom atmosphere. random call, quizzes and rush answer make it easier for students to answer questions, the classroom becomes livelier and more interesting, and the students' learning enthusiasm has been greatly improved. More importantly, we can understand the learning situation of every student, not just an individual or a few students, the feedback data generated by the system can help us to better diagnose and analyze the learning situation and achieve teaching goals. “Luna says.

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