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When the restriction of traditional education forms on students' creative thinking ability has become more and more obvious, the educators urgently need to guide students' education from "passive acceptance" to "active exploration". Nowadays, the network-based and interactive teaching model can be easily operated and effectively promote the leap of this stage. Classroom clickers set device came into being. Student response systems provide a good platform for the classroom mode, with strong interactivity. It can enable every student to participate in the class, which is a step closer than the "preset classroom teaching" of much simple courseware and projection, and emphasizes the interaction between teachers and students, so as to return the classroom to a more original state and return the classroom to students, It has brought a far-reaching change to the classroom.

Classroom clickers comparison

Nowadays, classroom clickers set are used in classrooms around the world, from traditional classroom clickers set based on the RF technology to utilizing mobile devices based on the WiFi network. including smartphones, tablets, laptops.

Classroom clickers set based on the RF technology, is a small, battery-operated handheld device with several buttons and a LCD display, similar to a TV remote. It requires the receiver connected to the computer at the front of the classroom, without interference from classroom lights or other infrared-emitting devices, and without the need for direct line-of-sight between students and recipients. The classroom clicker set system uses 2.4G radio frequency technology, which is more conducive to larger classrooms, more students, and two-way communication between teachers and students. No wifi and internet are needed, suitable for any classroom. When the teacher chooses to let the students use the student remote control, they need to use the data transceiver base station. The base station is plug-and-play, and it is super easy to use. Just plug the receiver into the computer, start the student response software and ask questions, then Students can answer the questions in class. Each classroom clicker has a unique signal so that each student's answer can be identified and recorded. After the poll, the answers of the whole class will be displayed on the projection screen. Because it is easy to install and has no network environment requirements, the data transmission is more stable, so it is welcomed by a wide range of teachers. Moreover, students don’t need to bring their own equipment, it is convenient for teachers to manage and maintain.

The latest development in classroom clickers is the use of mobile devices, like mobile or Laptops, that students already have as clickers for recording responses and submitting answers to class polls or multiple-choice questions. Every student in the class should have a device to participate when the teacher asks a question. No software or receiver equipment is required. But students must bring their own mobile devices, download the appropriate app, and connect to a WiFi network. Of course, the same student response system must be set up on teachers' computers to allow students to participate in the classroom, even in hybrid and distance learning environments. Classroom clickers set based on students' personal devices need to work in real-time on the school's Wi-Fi network, which means a robust network is required to handle multiple simultaneous connections from active students as they submit answers. Especially if other classrooms use clickers at the same time. Since each student may have different equipment, this brings difficulties to the teacher's management work.

Advantage of classroom clickers

Increase student engagement

The first and most basic advantage of classroom clickers is that provides an effective way to increase interaction between teachers and students, which helps improve students' participation, maintain students' attention in class and promote discussion. In a normal class discussion situation, only one or two students have the opportunity to answer a question. Even if the answer is correct, the teacher cannot tell whether other students know the correct answer. Students who are uncertain about the correct answer may be reluctant to take the public risk of being incorrect. The classroom clicker set encourages introverted students to answer questions and enhances interactive learning by giving even the timidest students a voice, students are not passive listeners as before. Instead, they are active participants. If students get the wrong answer, they don't have to worry about embarrassment-this promotes active participation.

Assess Student Understanding

the second advantage of classroom clickers is that help teachers assess students' understanding. Teachers can raise on-the-fly questions, randomly pick someone to answer, conduct group competitions or even hold classroom races, once the entire class responds to questions using their handheld classroom clickers, the results are instantly viewed and analyzed in a pie chart or bar graph, it can be anonymous, but the teacher can see which student provided which answer, so they can easily measure and evaluate group or individual performance, and correct the course accordingly.

Facilitate formative and summative assessments

Facilitate formative and summative assessments is the third advantage of classroom clickers. when the teacher finishes teaching a knowledge point or chapter during the lecture, questions can be asked entirely by teachers’ computer or oral questions during the pop tests, reviews, surveys. and the system can analyze the students' answers in real-time, helping teachers to quickly and effectively diagnose the learning situation, locate students' difficult and error-prone points, and consolidate and strengthen them. Teachers can even ask a group of questions to ask students to take a class test, students can also complete the test at their own pace, or even take paper exams through the classroom clicker set. the instantly obtained individual or group performance data which saves teachers' preparation time and release teachers from the heavy grading work. The teaching and learning data accumulated in each class is convenient for the school to objectively and visually evaluate the teaching effect and improve the teaching efficiency.

classroom clickers prices

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