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With the development of education informatization, the traditional teaching method has been questioned, more and more schools introduced smart teaching tools or equipment to create an interactive classroom environment. However, due to the limitations of funds, venues, classroom management and other factors, mobile phones, tablets, and other smart equipment are still difficult for many schools to popularize. In response to this situation, the clicker classroom response system came into being. Nowadays, the classroom audience response system has been welcomed by more and more teachers and schools, and has received a lot of praise and recognition, since it provides a good platform for teacher-student interaction, facilitate the transition of students from passive to active learning, and brings far-reaching changes to the classroom. Another important reason for the popularity of clicker classroom response system is that classroom response system price is much more economical than tablets and computers, and it is easier to use and manage.


Cathy is an English teacher at Jazz Smart School in Pakistan. She was looking for a classroom audience response system to create a student-focused and interactive knowledge environment that motivates students and promotes enthusiasm for learning which results in maximum attendance, as well as knowing every students’ performance in class in real time. In her previous class, there are always some students who are usually absent, especially when she is lecturing, some students deserting and not paying attention, although she will call a few students to answer questions to get their attention within limited class time, it is still hard to get the class performance of each student and judge whether they have mastered the knowledge in class.


She finally chose SunVote clicker classroom response system, which fully meets her needs and greatly improves the efficiency and quality of her classes.

At the beginning of the class, Cathy can quickly check on students’ attendance, and grasp the current knowledge base of students through a group of pre-assessment questions with SunVote classroom audience response system, so that she can prepare his courseware better, position the focus of the lecture, as well as adjust the teaching progress in real-time through the answer of each student.

During the class, when finishing teaching a knowledge point or chapter, Cathy can pose a single or a group of questions to learn students’ knowledge-taking level with the clicker classroom response system. Cooperate with the vivid and interesting ppt courseware screen, she can set the relevant question types such as "single choice questions, multiple-choice questions, and yes/ no questions" via SunVote interactive learning software, and let students submit answers with handheld classroom clickers. The interactive learning software installed on the computer will automatically generate intuitive charts and displayed them on screen instantly, including how many students answered the question, the total correct rate, and answer distribution percentage as well as each student’s response details, etc. When students are distracted and lethargic, she can choose any way of rush answers, random calls or group quizzes to attract their attention and engage them in class instantly. It is like playing games, which are both interesting and can achieve the purpose of the interaction and test.

After the class, Cathy can export the data reports including student attendance, classroom performance and student’s response details, then she can continuously observe the whole process of students' learning, conduct further academic analysis or teaching research on students and make a final developmental evaluation. 

After every class, Cathy can export the data reports including student attendance, classroom performance and student’s response details, then she can continuously observe the whole process of students' learning, make a final developmental evaluation on students and also conduct further academic analysis and teaching research.


User experience of clicker classroom response system

“It is very exciting, it’s very innovative. The students are really interested when it comes to the clicker and especially the interactive games that can attract students' attention. In the process of answering questions, students will think and discuss, master the key points of learning unconsciously and find out what they understand and what they don't understand, clicker classroom response system is a good teaching tool, I really like it."

“It makes the lesson more visual, the games are also engaging. They make the students more excited to learn the lesson.”

“The normal class is not that high-tech and advanced in the features compared to this program, and I’m very happy and surprised at the same time because I never used the clickers.”

“It is much fun because we play games and all of us answer by using the controllers, and we can read the answers.”

As the professional classroom audience response system provider and the leading original manufacturer of classroom clickers, SunVote has been committed to providing professional clicker classroom response system rental, purchase, customization and secondary development services for global users since 1998.  Till now, SunVote clicker classroom response system has been sold to more than 100 countries in the world and used by over 10 million users. it has been warmly welcomed in India, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Pakistan, and the rest of South Asian countries in recent years. To know more info about classroom response system price and classroom response system rental, don’t hesitate to contact us via

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