Zeguo Town People's Congress took the lead in using SunVote voting keypad

On March 5th, the 8th meeting of the 16th people's Congress held as scheduled in Zhejiang ZeGuo Town.The NPC is different from previous years, it adopted the SunVote electronic voting system. This shape similar to the phone's voting device, not only for meeting attendance, but also onalso can vote on draft at the meeting, you can also conduct satisfaction assessment, voting results can show in real time, at a glance. Zeguo Town person in charge of National People's Congress, said the use of SunVote electronic voting system to solve the shortcomings of previous show of hands, participants will be more independent, this is respect for the attendees of authority, and respect for democracy and the rule of law . In addition, the electronic voting results are automatically generated, saving time and manpower for the meeting, and improve the efficiency of the conference.

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