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E-Voting Expert How does it facilitate teaching evaluation?
A simple and powerful testing solution in the age of big data. Making teaching easier!
K12 - Education-Teaching Evaluation
Help teachers correct objective questions effortlessly
  • Standardized exercises and tests
  • No matter quizzes, weekly tests or monthly tests, Sunvote arranges exams of 9 subjects without effort!
    ▶ Classroom – Multiple tests running at once without interfering each other
    ▶ Student – More initiative in tests
    ▶ Teacher – Less work thanks to paperless tests
    ▶ Marking - Automatically collect answers and grade tests
    ▶ Scores - Instantly release rankings
    ▶ Analysis – Identify areas of concern
    ▶ Evaluation – Scientific, efficient and accurate
  • Recommended model
  • Higher Education - Teaching Evaluation
    Help teachers carry out discussions without effort
  • Collect responses and feedback in class
  • Recommended model
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