• Zhongtian electronics R & D Department ' recreation Tour - four day tour of Dali
  • 2016/12/7
  • In order to strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, improve the cohesion of staff, rich amateur cultural life of employees, SunVote Zhongtian electronic R & D department organized a special four day tour in Yunnan, Dali. On December 1st, R & D team arrived in Dali, began a gluttonous feast of beauty and delicacy.Everyone enjoyed the beautiful natural scenery, at the same time,do not forget to communicate with each other and took pictures to commemorate.It enhanced mutual friendship among team members and created a harmonious collective atmosphere. Everyone also have given a high value on this Dali tour. Because it not only relax the body and mind and ease the pressure brought by work and life, but also enhance the cohesion of the team..
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