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Classroom Response System for K12 Schools, Higher Education and Training Institutions
  • Voting Keypad
  • Student Clicker
  • Election Machine
  • SunVoteClassroom Clicker S50Plus
    Student Clicker S53
      Key Functions
  • Choice/Priority rank/Judge/Numeric/Text
  • Rush Answer/ Random Call /Numeric Score
  • Synchronized questions/Self-paced questions(100 questions)/Homework (9 Subjects)
    • Key Performance
  • 2.4G RF technology
  • <30M Reliable Distance
  • >250Hours Working Hour
  • Chinese and English Display
  • 80 Channels
  • 2*CR2032 Button Battery
    • Classroom Clicker Applications
  • Classroom Clicker is suitable for classroom tests and exams in K12 public and private schools, colleges and universities, training institutions.
  • Typical Cases
  • Classroom Clicker S50Plus is our popular Classroom Assessment Tools. In addition to basic question types, like choice, sequence, judge and vote, It also has the functions of examinations, homework and unique text input, which is the ideal choice for classroom tests and exams.

  • Classroom Response Solution
    Classroom Response Solution

    Interactive Classroom System for Classroom Test and Exam

    Meet the instant test and exam needs of K12 schools, high education and training institutions. Classroom Clickers help teachers promote a single or multiple self-paced questions for a synchronized or asynchronous test. It is a Classroom Assessment Tool that instantly and effectively gauge students understanding, improve evaluation efficiency and reduce teachers’ workload of paper reviewing.

  • Classroom Assessment Software
    Classroom Assessment Software

    Electronic Test and Evaluation System – Easy Test

    Etest is a standard electronic test software. It is used with SunVote Classroom Clickers. The Classroom Response System is secure and easy to learn and use. It's applicable to in-class and after class exams for K12 students, sectional assessments for further education and training class. The Classroom Response System has standalone and connected server version, and exports reports in excel form.

  • Classroom Response System Pack
    Classroom Clicker Accessories

    Classroom Clickers Packages

    SunVote Classroom Response System pack consists of Classroom Clickers, receiver, and software, as well as carry bag. The receiver adopts 2.4G RF technology, and transmits data with two-way validation. And it's applicable in classrooms of different sizes without any network, wiring and construction requirements. The hardware maintained in the different capabilities carry bag for daily use and easy management.

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