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  • Electronic Voting System Makes City Council Meetings More Reliable, Efficient and Transparent!
  • 2020-02-18
  • City councils or town councils is the legislative body that governs a city, town, municipality, or local government area. It generally consists of several (usually somewhere between 5 and 50) elected councilors/ council members, who come together to consult, deliberate, or make decisions once a month. As very important government decision-making meeting, when it comes to resolution voting and candidate election, the vote outcome is what ultimately matters.

    However, in traditional voting methods, such as show of hands voting and paper ballot voting, they always face following difficulties:

    1.  How to simplify voting preparation before meetings?

    By traditional paper ballot voting we always need to print and hand out lots of meeting documents and paper ballots, which is not only time-consuming but also labor-intensive!

    2.  How to speed up votes counting and automate results reporting?

    By traditional paper ballot voting councilors need wait until the next day to see voting results, since it always takes hours to manually collect the votes and compile the voting reports.

    Also we cannot completely avoid votes losing or error during this manual counting process.

    3.  How to ensure complete transparency of the voting process?

    Since the voting results will only be available the next day, there is an opportunity to make changes on paper ballots and to occur votes tampering, which will affect the authenticity and accuracy of the voting results.

    Besides, all members cannot view the voting details on the spot, the voting process is not enough open and transparent.

    Is there a right technology provider can release staffs from heavy burden of counting votes, making the voting process more accurate and transparent, while cutting your meeting time in half?

    SunVote Electronic Voting System for city councils can totally help you to achieve this purpose.

    It is specially designed for county or city councils to improve and accelerate the process of collecting votes and responses from your councilors.

    By combining wireless voting keypads with standalone SunVote software, you can quickly collect and aggregate votes, Pass/Reject motions and provide detailed reports from quorum count to voting results.

    Besides, dedicated and closed-circuit wireless network, and standalone receiver ensure a secure voting process.

    1. Register quickly and easily

    ž   Each councilor is associated to a specific voting keypad by unique ID before meeting.

    ž   Electronic sign-in function helps to do councilors registration quickly and check the quorum easily.

    2. Vote securely and accurately

    ž   Meet the requirements of different legal rules of the local self-government, without breaking the existing meeting process.

    ž   Support regular resolution voting and candidates election. Plus, special voting rules for specific voting workflows can be customized.

    ž   Independent software system and SunVote unique communication protocol creates a safe and confidential voting environment.

    3. Display results in real time

    ž   Instantly get and display voting results, each representative's vote can be shown in the voting grid, providing clear view and complete transparency to your voting and election process.

    4. Tabulate reports in regulate formats

    ž   Get accurate detailed reports in real time for printing, auditing and archiving in regulate formats after the meeting.

    How does SunVote electronic voting system for city councils work?

    1.  Import council members’ list and edit agendas & motions according to your meeting procedure and voting rules by the voting software.

    You can take the default template for reference.

    2.  Enable “sign in” and quickly check the quorum

    The council members press “sign in” button by their voting pad to confirm their presence. Quorum situation can be checked in 10s.

    3.  Councilors submit their votes with the voting keypad.

    After meeting started, councilors will discuss on each agenda. Then they can give votes to current motion. They can view the voting submitting and receiving status by their own keypad. Plus, there is text prompt guiding the operation on the backlit screen, which ensure the councilor cast their votes without error.

    4.   Display and share voting results in real time

    After voting stop, the voting results came out immediately. The chairman can announce the result on site and share it with all councilors for reaching a consensus.

    5. Export and manage voting reports after meeting

    Reports of voting on each agenda can be generated automatically in PDF in regulated format, no need waste time on further editing;

    Print out them directly for auditing and archiving;

    Greatly reduce manual statistics and save > ½ labor cost!

    Why choose us?

    1.  Stable, Secure, Accurate RF technology that will make your next City/Town Council Meeting Easier

    —  Guaranteed Legal and compliant voting based on laws and regulations of each country

    žSunVote EVS for city councils is specially designed for the county or city councils meeting voting, no need to change existing meeting processes;

    žThe system is designed with reference to the "Local Autonomy Laws" and "Regulations of Local Government Autonomy" of each country, ensure the voting is legal and compliance.

    — Ensure your voting and election reliable, efficient, transparent and auditable!

    žCommunicate via a closed-circuit, proprietary radio frequency technology, more stable and secure than voting technology based on Wi-Fi or networks access;

    Mathematically proven algorithms and two-way communication verify technology ensure data 100% accurate;

    Power failure protection and one-click channel shifting mechanism ensure 100% reliable;

    Adopts AES encryption and independent development of closed wireless communication protocol, no votes can be tampered;

    žThe system can collect all response votes from 40 councilors in 10 seconds. Auto-generate intuitive result & reports, no need to print paper ballots and human statistics;

    Individual voting details can be tracked, providing clear view and complete transparency to the voting process;

    Voting reports can be fully documented for auditing and archiving purpose.

    — Simple Voting Operation and Management, Super Easy to Use!

    žIntuitive voting operation, different aged councilors all can learn to use in 1 minute.

    žPortable, No WIFI needed, easy to set up, suitable for anywhere.

    žSimple, accessible user interfaces for administrators, easy to maintain and manage

    2.  Purchase, ODM, OEM, SDK And Other Professional Service Are All Available for You

    Pre-saleWe ensure reply you within 2 hours and provide you perfect solution as soon as    possible

             We provide 24x7 customer service support via email, skype or we chat.     

    Sale      We promise rapid delivery in 3 working days, DHL home delivery

     We provide free demo and training, free remote technical support is also available.

                    We provide professional and multiple services with purchase, ODM and OEM, you can choose based on your needs

    After -saleWe promise Free upgrade of software within 1 year

                We promise lifelong technical support for the system

    3. 21 Years of Electronic Voting Solution Provider, 10 Million Users in Over 100 Countries.

    žWe focused on electronic voting system since 1998, 21 years of original manufacturer

    žWe serve more than 1000 meetings every day, 10 million users in over 100 countries.

    žSunVote EVS for city councils has been successfully used in Poland, Ukraine, Czech, Croatia····· Covered over 50% city council meetings in Poland.

    žGlobal quality certifications with 9 countries, CE、FCCRohs, TELEC, KC`````

    To Know more details about Electronic Voting System for city councils, please send email to us by , we are looking forward to provide you a full and professional solution. Contact us now!

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