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  • Electronic Voting System Streamline Condominium Meeting and Transform Result Efficient!
  • 2020-02-12
  • HoA is an official conference with complex regulatory obligations, every resolution is closely related to every house owner. Therefore, it can be time consuming and inefficient with complex management and heavy work. In traditional condo meetings, many condo corporations are always facing several difficulties as the following:

    1. How to register every participant quickly?

    Normally house owner provide their ID card to register, we need to hand check his identity and weight, then note his information on his ballot, it’s supper time consuming, register a 200 house owners costs 2-3 hours or even longer, and it’s easy to lead some mistakes, like set wrong weight etc.


    2. How to count the votes accurately and efficiently?

    Some owners should be avoided to vote for resolution 2!

    Some owners may vote for several owners, while 1 or more of them are avoided to vote for resolution 2!

    Counting ballots by people is always time consuming, especially we need to consider flexible rules! How to count on the votes accurately and efficiently is a headache of the organizer? 


    3. How to vote fairly?

    The larger the organization, the more expensive and vulnerable to fraud paper ballots become. Unfair voting and elections can sometimes raise provocative and fervent issues for those involved and seriously affect owners' rights. Traditional paper ballot voting is easy to tampering with votes, and prone to leak election secrets. Lack of fairness and justice.

    Is there a right technology provider can help you manage your voting and elections easily and securely?

    SunVote Electronic Voting System for HoA is exactly the right technology, which can help release you in charge from heavy burden, make the result fairer and more just, cost much less time, maximize the efficiency and simplify your condo meeting process. If you are looking for a simple, reliable and secure voting system to streamline your condo meeting, SunVote EVS for HoA is the perfect tool for you.


    SunVote EVS-HoA is specially designed for residential meeting, it has 2 independent software, one for sign in, the other for voting and election. It works with Identity Card Reader & Scanning devices. system will associate weight to voting keypad when owner registers, result will be calculated automatically and displayed immediately. User can also export auditable report when meeting ends.

    1.  Quick and Easy Participants Registration

    ž Register based on ID, quickly and accurately verify the identity of owners, quick check the quorum, Legal!
    ž Automatically bond owner weights by scanning the unique code of voting keypads, nobody can register twice. Compliant!
    ž Support multiple registration table at the same time, complete registration in 30 min for any scale, which greatly shorten the registration and sign-in process. Efficient!

    2.  Secure and Efficient On- Site Voting

    žVoting and electing based on the voting rules of the Condominium Board Meeting, ensure the on-site voting is legal and effective
    žIncrease owner engagement and know what your owners really want through real-time interaction on-site
    žSupport proxy vote, weighted vote and membership election to meet your various voting demands
    žThe voting results are automatically counted and announced immediately, 200 votes can be 100% collected in 10-20 seconds, saving time and effort in manual counting, at the same time avoid fraud data and protect shareholders' rights!

    3.  Post-meeting Report Management

       The system automatically generates auditable and detailed reports for instant review,archiving and verification, giving a full and transparent record of the meeting.


    How does the electronic voting system work? 

    1. Input <Owner List> and create resolution freely

    Input <Owner List> , create resolution like title, voting type, rules and other setting

    2. Register Owner and distribute voting keypad

    Build multiple registration table, owner register based on Identity Certificate, system will correspond weight to keypad

    3. On-site Voting with voting pads

    Owner submit voting through voting keypad, result will be showed immediately,

    Owners’ name, weight, voting results and keypad voting history can be displayed on voting keypads

    4. Export and manage reports for audit

    Can export 3 reports in both excel and pdf file for audit (sign in report, roll call report, resolutions report, detailed report)

    Why choose us?

    1. Fast, Stable, Secure, Accurate RF technology that will streamline your next Condominium Meeting

    — Guaranteed Legal and compliant voting based on condominium meeting rules

    ž SunVote EVS for HOA is specially designed for the Condominium Meeting voting, no need to change existing conference processes
    ž Meet voting rules of the condominium meeting in different nations, ensure the on-site voting is legal and effective.

    — Ensure your voting and election secure, reliable, efficient and cost-effective!

    ž   Communicate via a closed-circuit, proprietary radio frequency technology, more stable and secure than WiFi networks, 100% votes collection rate
    ž   Mathematically proven algorithms and two-way communication verify technology ensure data 100% accurate.
    ž   System matching and one-click channel shifting mechanism ensure 100% reliable.
    ž   Support conference voting with up to 5000 participants
    ž   The system can reliably collect all response votes from 2000 participants in 30 seconds.
    ž   Auto-generate intuitive result & reports, no need to print paper ballots and human statistics, save time and energy.

    — Simple Voting Operation and Management, No WiFi Needed, Suitable for Anywhere

    ž   Intuitive voting operation, owners can learn to use in 1 minute
    ž   Small and portable, No WIFI needed, easy to set up, suitable for anywhere.
    ž   Simple, accessible user interfaces for administrators, easy to maintain and manage 

     2. Purchase, Rental, ODM, OEM and other Professional Service are all available for you

    Pre-sale:   We ensure reply you within 2 hours and provide you perfect solution as soon as  possible

               We provide 24x7 customer service support via email, skype or we chat.     

    Sale         We promise rapid delivery in 3 working days, DHL home delivery

        We provide free demo and training, free remote technical support is also available.

                       We provide professional and multiple services with purchase, rental, ODM and OEM, you  can choose based on your needs

    After -saleWe promise Free upgrade of software within 1 year

                 We promise lifelong technical support for the system

    3.  21 Years of Electronic Voting Solution Provider, 10 million users in Over 100 Countries.ž  

    We focused on electronic voting system since 1998, 21years of original manufacturer
    We worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies, 100% repurchase ratež   
    We serve more than 1000 meetings every day, millions of users in over 100countries.  
    More than 70%voting keypads in the world are provided by SunVote and counting

    Global quality certifications with 9countries, CE、FCC、Rohs, TELEC, KC`````

    To know more details about Electronic Voting System for HoA, please send email to us by , we are looking forward to provide you a full and professional solution. Contact us now!

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