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  • SunVote Voting Solutions meet you at InfoComm SEA 2019
  • 2019-05-06

    15-17 MAY, 2019

    Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC) Hall 98, Thailand

    SunVote sincerely invite you to booth B52,

    Live experience

     Audience Response System for corporate ,

    Electronic Voting System for government,

    Student Response System for class
    Listen to your application needs, extend your market operations

    Don’t miss out

    【Corporate solutions - Voting keypad


    If you are looking for a quality and convenient response tool which can be used for :

    On-site voting and election in Annual General Meetings (AGM);

    Participant opinions surveys in product roadshows;

    Real-time participant interactive voting in corporate annual meetings;

    Employee Evaluation in HR training assessments;

    live audience polling in TV shows and quiz games ;


    Please come by our booth B52

    Government solutions - Voting Pads

    If you are looking for an effective and cost-effective feedback tool which can be used for:

    Party convention elections and parliamentary in Political Parties’ congresses;

    Resolution voting and candidates elections in City council meetings;

    Voting on legislation or regulation and opinion survey in town hall meetings;


    Please come by our booth B52

    Education solutions Student Clickers

    If you are looking for a classroom interactive and assessment tool which can:

    Engage students in real time and create an interactive class by doing a quiz or buzz-in;

    Organize a classroom synchronized and asynchronous test or exam at any time and get instant results of it;

    Integrate various network information systems to meet the demands of students’ learning feedback, security, communication, consumption and other comprehensive campus demands;


    Please come by our booth  B52


    Audience response system

    Electronic voting system

    Classroom response system

    21-year wireless voting solution provider



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