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  • The Chinese New Year Holiday Contact Letter
  • 2018-01-15
  • SunVote

    The Chinese New Year Holiday Contact Letter

    Dear Customers,

    Thank you for your trust and support for SunVote. In the beginning of 2018 New Year, SunVote Team wish you Happy Spring Festival and Happy Family!

    Meanwhile, SunVote hope to bring you more satisfied products and more professional service in 2018!


    To let all staff have a joyful and harmony Spring Festival, and not influence your business, we hereby inform you of our Spring Festival holiday arrangement as follows:

    Holiday Time: 10-23 Feb, 2018.      On duty: 24 Feb, 2018 (Saturday).


    Holiday Arrangements:

    To protect the interests and needs of customers as much as possible, if you have any related demands for products or services during the Spring Festival, please contact the on-duty telephone number:

    Corporate(Europe): +86 18908457711

    Corporate(America/Asia/Africa): +86 15274016305

    Education Field: +86 18925993512


    Tech-support: +86 18908457700

    Sales Consultant: +86 13308449797

    Complaint: +86 13308459697


    Thank you again for you trust and support for SunVote. Sorry for the inconvenience during this period!


    SunVote sincerely wish you

    a joyful, peaceful and happy Spring Festival!

    And prosperous business!


    Changsha SunVote Limited

    15 Jan, 2018

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