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  • SunVote 4th Generation Voting Keypad New Released
  • 2017-11-30
  • SunVote, focus on audience response applications for 20 years, provide professional wireless electronic voting keypad, four generations of products inheritance. Now, full-functional product solution for more voting applications has come out.

    Review of the previous three generations of wireless voting device development process:

    First generation voting keypad: Using radio frequency technology to get rid of the complex wired system installation and setup, organizers can get instant live voting data with this voting system, no need to wait a long time to get the result like paper voting and manual counting. But this generation voting keypad distinguish the voting status through LED lights, cast vote or not, the user experience is not intuitive enough.

    voting pad

    Based on the user experience of the first-generation voting keypad, we added segment LCDs when designing the second-generation products, making the voting state more intuitive and user experience better, and because of its economy and ease of use feature, eight years passed, the product still occupies the main floor of the voting system.

    Although the second-generation voting device has both numeric and alphanumeric characters, the voting prompt, the voting content and the voting feedback need to be displayed in Chinese or English full-size characters for certain meeting occasions. SunVote third-generation wireless voting device adopt dot matrix LCD screen accordingly, together with the LCD backlight, it not only effectively avoids the vote in the dim light environment misuse, but also make vote more diversity and user operation easier.

    Based on the reliable, easy-to-use and economical product design concept, the fourth-generation wireless voting device integrates the advantages of the above three generations of products and can be transformed into a voting device, classroom clickers, scoring device and even a rush responder in different applications. It is a full-functional voting pad value for money.

    This versatile live voting device, meet 90% of the application requirements of all kinds of conference activities, from the most common road shows, on-site research, academic opinion feedback, staff training assessment, to the exciting talent show audience response, knowledge contest group answer, and even high-end rigorous shareholder meeting voting and election can all play its role.

    As a 20-year industry veteran electronic voting device manufacturer (, its audience response system is exported to more than 80 countries and regions, used by millions of users, whether it is rental or procurement, SunVote is the preferred co-brand top choice for world's top 500 companies, industry conferences, forums, non-profit organizations and other user groups.

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