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  • SunVote Student Response System Appeared in DIDAC INDIA 2017
  • 2017-11-20
  • The annual Worlddidac India was held at Mumbai Convention Center, India, from 19 to 21 September 2017 and was co-hosted by the Worlddidac and Arclight Exhibition Company in India. It has received the DIDAC German, the British Education Suppliers Association and the Indian Ministry of Education's strong support.

    Worlddidac India (DIDA INDIA, is the only comprehensive education and equipment exhibition in India. It is the first choice for teaching equipment manufacturers to develop Indian market. The exhibition brings together many new products and technologies from education industry worldwide. Among them, SunVote student response system and self-paced test evaluation application solution is the second time posted in DIDAC India.

    SunVote Limited ( is committed to the development of international education information technology. In this exhibition showcased student response system, which allows teachers raise questions at any time and students answer questions easily. It can also insert education games to create an enjoyable atmosphere and allows teachers to know the class knowledge level at any time.


    In addition, SunVote also demonstrated the classroom clickers with self-paced function. It supports 100 standardized objective questions with self-test batch answer function (currently on the market most classroom clickers only support synchronized response, does not have the self-paced test function). There is no pressure even if 200 students answer the quiz at the same time. This electronic classroom clickers allows students to completely get rid of the paper answer sheet, the teacher does not need to use the marking machine to modify nor manual marking, when the examination time is over, the teacher can enter the system to obtain the results of the test, simple, easy to use and economical.

    As a country with the highest population density, India has a world-renowned level of education. Its Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), known as the "crown jewels of science," has trained personnel throughout the world and dominated the Silicon Valley in the United States. IIT made an indelible contribution to the success of India's software industry worldwide. It is said that IIT will not go to MIT or Harvard in the United States. The Indian University has very low tuition fees. The aim is to make the poor can afford to go to school and the government investment in education K12 is quite large, we can see the educational market has unlimited potential, SunVote will continue to step up efforts to expand the Indian market, next year, see you in Delhi, DIDIA INDIA 2018!

    SunVote ( based on the actual needs of education, adhere to the simple, easy-to-use, economical product design concept, will continue to improve the student response system and self-paced test evaluation application solutions for users in domestic and abroad, bring more excellent products and services, leading the education information industry better and faster development!

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