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  • SunVote Student Clicker in Worlddidac Russia Expo
  • 2017-11-13
  • SunVote Team with the Student Response Solutions to Worlddidac Russia Exhibition on November 1-3, 2017. This was the first official appearance at the Crocus Expo exhibition center in Moscow. 
    At the exhibition site, the Student Clicker with 100 asynchronous classroom Test functions (self-paced Test) are interested in teachers and school administrators. 

    This kind of simple and easy to use of Classroom Response System can make each subject teacher in-class quickly complete periodic test system (Standardized Examination), and let students immediately enter the test condition. When the test finished, the system will automatically collect students' answer information and automatic unification through wireless communication. Within 1 minute, teacher can complete the report output of the whole class. The teacher does not need to make manual correcting exam papers, relieve the pressure of daily manual reading, and will focus on the analysis, assessment and improvement of the teaching effect. 

    SunVote team took this Expo ( Worlddidac Russia, ) not only showed the Interactive Classroom Solutions, Classroom Response Solutions, but also recommended the Smart Student Card Solution to our old customers. This solution is very popular in K12 Education of China today, it integrates the four campus applications of Attendance, Consumption, Interaction & Quiz, and communication. These new schemes give SunVote's old customers a new way of thinking about the market for education in Russia. 

    Russia is the leader in the world of Education, its education application market potential is huge. In such a market environment and the education of unlimited potential application demand, SunVote Limited also will continue to intensify efforts to support the development of Russian education application products design, provide a full range of product solutions of the Russian version of the Student Response System and realize the comprehensive promotion! 

    CHANGSHA SUNVOTE LIMTED( provide professional Student Response System in China. Based on the actual needs of teaching, adhere to the simple and easy to use, cost-effective product design concept, innovation to improve classroom response applications such as instant feedback, self-paced test and so on. Provide Response Clicker solutions and services to global users.

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