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  • Q1 : Do I need to install driver for the base station?
  • A: SunVote base station is USB connection,like the common USB disk ,plug and play, no need to install special driver. When we connect a base station to a PC for first time, the PC will recognize the hardware itself, it will last a few mins according to different PCs, usually within 1 min, some need 2 or 3 mins, it is normal, just wait for the PC to finish the process.
  • Q2 : Will the near by conference interfere with us?
  • A: SunVote base stations support as many as 32 channels,together with the SunVote dedicated match technology, the keypads in near by conferences only talk to their matched base station, can not talk to other base stations, and different base stations will work in different channels, so near by conferences will not interfer with each other.
  • Q3 : Will the smart phone shield work on SunVote base station?
  • A: SunVote base station adopts 2.4GHz wireless technology, but not in the same frequency as smart phone, if the shield only stops the message, call and 3G/4G internet access functions, it will not affect SunVote base stations. But if the shield can stop the smart phone to connect 2.4G wireless router, it will also affect SunVote base stations. In that case, it is recommended to use SunVote 433M base stations.
  • Q4 : For 3 working modes of a base station, when to use match mode?
  • A: Match mode is that before distributing the keypads, the staff use SunVote dedicated match technology to make the keypads match to a base station, in that case, the keypads will only communicate with their corresponding base station. The match mode suitable for cases that multiple systems many used near by, and there should be no interference with each system, audience in one system are not allowed to move freely to other systems, or cases that pay more attention to confidentiality, illegal vote is not allowed, such as government conferences. Or cases that the devices are used in relative permanent teams and places, such as schools or training courses.
  • Q5 : For 3 working modes of a base station, when to use free mode?
  • A: Free mode is a more flexible style of match mode. it is that distribute keypads to audience, then audience will select a base station they want for communication. Once audience select a base station,their keypads will talk to this base station forever, until they select a new one. Free mode suitable for cases that multiple systems are used near by, and there should be no interference with each other, audience can make their keypads to talk to a base station they want and could move to other one freely. Compare with match mode, the main different is that free mode allows audience to select a base station while in match mode, audience cannot,the corresponding base stations are distributed by the staff before conference. In college, the classes usually are in different rooms, and the students usually have courses in different groups, such as in classes, or in teams, or in majors. So college is a good example to use free mode.
  • Q6 : For 3 working modes of a base station, when to use auto mode ?
  • A: When base station is in auto mode,in its reachable distance, all the keypads could communicate with this base station. In that case, if there are multiple systems near by, they will interfere with each other. This mode is designed for rentals, will help to avoid lots of duplicate hardware configuration jobs, suitable for cases that only one system in use in one place, and will not strictly restrict audience and not so confidential as government conferences, such as conferences that doing business research.

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