• Q1 : How do I know if a keypad is with enough battery?
  • A: To make sure everything is fine for a conference, usually, we need check battery status of the keypads in advance. There are different ways to check the status on different SunVote hardware, for example E10 and S50Plus, the LCD will always show battery status, 3 bars will be enough. For M2Plus and S52Plus, only when low battery, then the battery icon will be shown in the LCD. All SunVote hardware support battery status detect in software, green means fine while red means low battery, new battery or charge would be needed.
  • Q2 : When I vote in one room, will my data be accepted by the base station from a nearby room?
  • A: This will not happen. Because of Sunvote dedicated match technology, keypads from each rooms will only communicate with their matched base stations, will not interference with each other.
  • Q3 : What can I do when my keypad dies suddenly in a voting session?
  • A: If a keypad dies in sudden, we can replace it by a new one in the software, no need to stop current vote session,will not interrupt other audience. After replacement, the data could be combined automatically in the software, no data lost or other bad influence.
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