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  • SunVote Classroom Response System for Medical Universities.
  • 2020-10-12

  • Application scenario: Self-paced Exams 
    End User: University of Pécs, Medical School, Institute of Physiology Responsible person: administrator and developer of the institute. 
    Using time: Starting the tests in small groups from September of 2019. The first real test shall take place in November of 2019. 700 students involved in the exam and used SunVote CRS clickers simultaneously. 

    Application goal: The University expect to use SunVote system for collection of the exam data because the students have to take a lot of different versions of tests per semester. The University is looking for simplifying and speeding up the data collection process.

    Application solution: Components and working principal of SunVote Exam system.

    System configuration:

     They purchased 1200pcs clickers in total, which will be distributed in 10 classrooms in sets. 

    - 1 set with 200 pcs student clickers S53 
    - 4 sets with 150 pcs student clickers S53 
    - 3 sets with 100 pcs student clickers S53 
    - 2 sets with 50 pcs student clickers S53

    Existing solution or platform: 

    There is a website developed by the University where each student can register an account on it. After registration, the students can login the website with a unique student ID and password. So they can check all educational information and exam files (exam rules, seats and results after exam) under their account.

    Working procedure: 

    1. Before exam, the University generates the exam papers OFFLINE, and prepare Student Roster for each room.

     “For each exam we create a new version from a huge database. During the exam all the students write the same test (in 3 different languages), but we use a lot of various versions where the order of the questions and the order of answers are also different. This way we can avoid the cheating via copying the results from another students.” 

    2. Before the exams, the University generate the seating arrangement ONLINE. 

    “Because of the exam regulations at our University we have to keep the students with the same language far from each other. With this arrangement we set the positions of the students in the rooms and we set their test versions as well. After that, the students can check on our webpage their seating position (room number and their number in the order).” 

    3. When exam begins, each student will be distributed with a SunVote clicker and exam paper. 

    “In the past, students answer questions based on paper, so exam results should be generated manually. Now we distribute each student a clicker, they can answer with this clicker at their own pace. When they finish a question, their answer will be automatically submitted to SunVote System” 

    4. After the exam, SunVote system will help get the results immediately. 

    “We upload the exported result to our webpage and also the correct answers of test versions. The results compare to the correct answers one-by-one in each version, and the final grade is calculated from this and the students can see their own results on our webpage immediately.” 

    “The students can collect bonus and minus points during the semester so we have to summarize firstly their points. Our students belong to 3 different faculties, so the grade levels are different, so at the calculation of final grade we also have to check that. This processes happen also ONLINE.”

    System benefits and using comments: 

    “We've already tested the system with almost 700 students in seven rooms simultaneously. There was no problem with the data collection. Your system has proofed to be very helpful for the automatic evaluation!”
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