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  • SunVote Interactive Scoring System for Entertainment Contests
  • 2020-10-12
  • Application Scenario: Judge scoring on Tattoo Convention Event

    Meeting Title: Urban Land 4th edition 2020, Tattoo Expo

    Participants & frequency: 6 professional judges, 26pcs participated artworks

    Meeting time: Sep. 25-27th, 2020


    “In the last week of September, there’s an important gathering and contest of tattoo masters in Rome. Tattoo players display their artworks on live, while expert judges score these artworks in real time. The contest’s ranking as per score would be displayed finally in front of audience. In the past years, judges need manually score for each piece of artwork, and then a work staff need calculate the total score or average score of all judges. Audience always need wait a long time to see this final ranking, and the contests last long time because of this manual process.

    This year it’s 4th edition to hold this contest. Our client contact us to look for an Easy to Use and convenient electronic scoring solution for their event.”


    “We’re happy to find and work with SunVote on this project. Their tailor made Interactive Scoring System perfectly solves the issues by manual statistics and brings great excitement to our client’s event. They feel super satisfied with the solution.”

    1.   Before events, we’ve taken a few minutes to prepare the event file in the software. It’s really flexible and user friendly and it could allow us to insert our client’s event theme, background, to edit judges & players’ information quickly and to set score rules in advance.

    2.   On the event day, after the player show their tattoo on the stage, each judge hold a small credit card sized voting keypad to score for the tattoo. It’s amazing to see all judges’ score in 5 seconds, and average score of the current tattoo is available immediately. In the past we have to wait at least half an hour to manual collect and display the results of all judges. This time the efficiency of this process was greatly improved.

    3.    After all players showed their artworks, the ranking board for all players would be counted and displayed without error or omission. The players’ score would be automatically ranked from top to bottom and display to audience in real time. After the event, we can even export the score reports for achieving. It saved us a lot of job and make onsite audience exciting!”

    User Comments

    "Thank you all for the collaboration event was a success for voting. Very satisfied me and organization, I would like to work with you with other solutions as well. Thanks for all your experience and support.” Project manager-Mr. Angelo Corsi said.
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