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  • SunVote
    • Events, Academic Forum, Congresses
    • Complete vote and elect with a simple press!
    • Secure | Fast | Reliable | Easy to use!
    • Pre-employment training and evaluation
    • Using voting clickers to answer questions,
      and get instant evaluation results!
    • Fast and real, visibility result and evaluation!
    • Shareholder Meeting of various enterprises
    • Split voting, automatic statistics, instant display!
    • Efficient | Reliable | Secure| Easy to use!
    • K12 | College and University | Training Institutions
    • Engage students through interactive educational gaming.
    • Reliable| Simple |Economic
    • K12 public school and private school |Training Institutions
    • Test by using student clickers to derive visual results and evaluations!
    • Reliable | Easy to use | Economic
    • Government election, state election, court vote
    • Up to 50 political parties vote directly and electronically,
      auto-data statistic.
    • Efficient | Secure | Reliable | Flexible
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      Millions of users covered over 80 countries!
    • Voting Pad
    • For / Against / Abstain
    • Single & Multiple Choice
    • Numeric Score
    • Name List Election
    • Education
    • Classroom Clicker
    • Choice/Ranking/Judge
    • Rush Answer/Random Call/Score
    • Self-paced Exam
    • Homework
    • Government
    • Electronic Voting Machine
    • Election – Choose 50 from 50
    • Single Vote Authority
    • Voting Receipt Print
    • Result Display and Store
    • SunVote · Solutions
      Established in 1998, focus on electronic voting solution design and development!

      Meetings & Congresses

      Secure, fast, reliable, easy to use! Meet the voting demands of various events, opinion survey of academic forum, audience interactive response and employee satisfaction survey. Run effective meetings by various forms of questions such as choice, ranking, judge and score!


      Employee Training

      Fast, real, and visual display of results! Meet the response demands of pre-employment training and evaluation for corporate employees. Support various types of questions including choice, judge, ranking, rush answer and score. Answer questions by voting device to get evaluation results quickly!


      Shareholder Meetings

      Efficient, reliable, secure, easy to use! Meet the different requirements of corporate law voting rules and on-site voting needs of various types of corporate Annual General Meeting (AGM). Provide the industry's leading technologies for shareholder meeting solutions by the functions of resolution voting and split voting. Display results instantly and avoid the manual mistake effectively to better protect the shareholders’ rights and interests!


      Student Response System

      Reliable, easy to use, economic! Meet the K12 schools, colleges and universities, and other training institutions of classroom real-time interactive demands. Support choice, ranking, judge and other question types. Engage students through interactive educational gaming.


      Classroom Test and Exams

      Reliable, easy to use, economic! Meet K12 and training institutions real-time classroom exam demands. Support single and multi-questions, classroom synchronized and asynchronous tests. Conduct a comprehensive, multi-dimensional learning analysis and feedback effectively, and provide visual assessment for students.


      Electronic Election

      Efficient, secure, reliable, flexible! Meet the demands of government election, state election and court vote. Electronic vote is of high efficiency and with strict process control. Data encrypted storage makes it secure and reliable. Combined with paper operation mode, the system can add vote-board and control remote flexibly, reusable and with auto result reports.

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